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Brit hottie Lucy Mecklenburgh is Fifty Shades Hotter than most

02.10.2017by: Droz

Normally when you see UK hottie Lucy Mecklenburgh on here, it's when she's embarked on one of her periodic Middle Eastern bikini vacations, like this one:

Good stuff, right? Girl has one of the rock hardest bodies I've ever seen. Fortunately for us, it's not just vacations when she's want to bring that bod to the masses. She does it whenever she gets a chance, like at the UK premiere of FIFTY SHADES DARKER. I don't know if anyone managed to actually enjoy the movie that night, but I have little doubt that the folks gathered at the premiere were enjoying the hell out of Lucy's ass visible through her see thru dress. I've stated many times before how little I know about anything else Lucy does. All I do know is she's a great little hottie. That's enough for me.

Source: GotCeleb


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