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Brit hottie Georgia May Foote's skirt is delightfully redundant

02.20.2017by: Droz

We first started posting pics of English actress and model Georgia May Foote a few years back. For obvious reasons she's only become more popular since then. Yet for me, her most powerful appeal is the way she's able to take me back to high school days and earlier. She's like an amalgamation of so many characteristics of long lost high school hotties I lusted for in such a big way, yet never got to have. From the dark hair, to the sweet face, all the way down to her busty and curvy frame, Georgia brings back all kinds of memories for me. Even better than her nostalgic qualities is her present day existence as the English rose she is. Imagine if all those fine ass high school hotties from my youth had been English too. I don't think teenage me could have handled that. I'd have literally exploded from all the pent up sexual energy they generated inside me.

Source: Superior Pics


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