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Brit-Brit Go Bump-Bump

04.13.2008by: Cherry Liquor

As much as it pains me to include this as a part of the gossip going on in the nation, Britney Spears HAS been in a couple of movies, so she's technically a part of movie gossip. But it's also just like shooting fishies in a barrel when it comes to news about the disaster in hair extensions. I'm of the belief that she's very much in love with the paparazzi, as has been speculated for awhile (and proven in part by her romance with one of them), the whole "Stockholm Syndrome" nonsense and all.

Watching over the footage on the video is what made me put this up, as a precautionary warning to myself as much as everyone else who enjoys spreading the whispered word. The voice of the "media" person behind the camera, clambering for one of the police officers to give him information that he's not entitled to as well as the hysterical little tot who goes chasing after Britney's car as it drives away. (This is late at night and she's clearly underage... perhaps she's a child of one of the paparazzi, learning the ropes?)

But the basic facts surrounding the incident are that Britney rear-ended another car which caused that car to bump into the car in front of it. And knowing from experience how shitty the traffic is around the 101/405 interchange, I don't actually blame Brit. That stench-hole of a piece of California freeway is where EVERYONE gets into fender benders like this. So someone tell that little girl to chill. And yes, I like posting younger pictures of Spears, as a warning to anyone who invests money in the endeavors of minors, turning them into a product and taking away their humanity.


Source: DListed


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