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Brit-Brit & Flipper?

08.28.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Am I the only person who is yawning over the Michael Phelps hoopla? Hell, am I the only person who still remembers that the first thing he did after getting back from his last Olympics was the rack up a DUI? I'm no member of M.A.D.D. or anything, but I also don't think 99% of the criminals they send to prison can be rehabilitated. Call me weird like that.

Which leads to the story of Phelps presenting alongside another well-known reckless driver, Britney Spears. I understood that she was going to be involved in some pre-recorded bits with host Russell Brand and that anyone and everyone in her camp is denying that she'll be performing, but presenting with dolphin boy is amusing to me. Even funnier? She's actually nominated for the song that she was lambasted for performing at last year's VMA's, "Piece of Me." No... wait, I think that was another song. But honestly, does it really matter? I've always been an Ian Thorpe fan. I never really liked Dumbo.

Source: DailyMail


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