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Brit-Brit Done GOOD

06.18.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Bear with me. I don't try to watch TV. I usually just stumble upon it when I get bored of searching for free porn that can manage to still shock or titillate me (trust me, I've watched enough porn for the lifetimes of a dozen sex-free, livin' in mama's basement geek trolls). Even then, I'm a stickler for particular shows (call me kooky, but stuff like "Iron Chef: America" and "Mythbusters" will completely spellbind me) and don't stray too far from their realm.

So if this video isn't a surprise to you, then feel free to bag on me. Then question just how many hours of television you log in and feel free to bag on yourself. My point is, until I caught wind of this YouTube clip, I'd never even heard of the show "America's Got Talent."

The greatest part about this show is it wrangled up Sharon Osborne, The Hoff and Jerry Springer to "host" or "judge" or whatever the people who want to be crowned king or queen of the attention whores. And last night, a very special guest was on. Miss Britney Spears isn't above trying out new routines for this talent show monstrosity. If you'll allow me this... I think it's the best I've ever seen from "Brit."

Source: DListed


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