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Brie Larson welcomes us all to cleavage island at London premiere of Kong

03.01.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Oh Captain, our Captain. Before Brie Larson can start kicking butts in the Marvel world, she's got some promotional work to do with KONG: SKULL ISLAND, which gets a big release on March 10th. Brie made a rather busty appearance in London, laughing as co-star Tom Hiddleston politely tried to be chill around her epic breast display. Until they started pushing this movie heavily in the past few week, I honestly forgot that this was coming down the pipeline, even with the mega-cast that it boasts, including Larson, Hiddles, Sam Jackson and one of my all-time faves, John C Reilly. After the untimely passing of the awesome Bill Paxton over the weekend, I started wanting to call up every character actor who has made my life that much fuller and realized through TV & film, and after Bill, it's pretty much JCR holding my shit together.
Source: Daily Mail


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