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Brie Larson was the new marvelous hottie of the moment at SDCC 2016

07.25.2016by: Droz

It's common knowledge at this point that Brie Larson will be portraying Captain Marvel come 2019. Seems like the fan reaction is mixed, with some encouraged, some discouraged. This varied reception is the usual process of acceptance many a comic fan goes through when one of their favorite characters gets cast for the first time. We wont really know where they're leaning until the first trailer hits. Personally, I like Brie. I've always liked Brie from years back. She's got the acting chops and she's easy on the eyes - two things known to endear me to many an actress. One more thing I like about Brie, after seeing her on stage at Comic-Con, is her enthusiasm. You can tell the difference between the actors who get into the SDCC festivities and those who are overwhelmed or just perplexed by it all. Brie was definitely having some fun with it, which makes her all the more favorable by my standards. If she can channel that enthusiasm into playing the role, I predict she'll do just fine. Also, by the looks of her in these pics, I predict she's gonna look fantastic in her super suit.

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