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Brie Larson looked marvelous at TIFF 2016

09.09.2016by: Droz

My girl Brie Larson is a TIFF, supporting her new movie FREE FIRE, which looks like one of the more crazy concepts I've heard of for a movie. Basically, it involves a gun deal between shady figures in the 1970s going bad - real bad. Normally such plot turns take up a few minutes of screen time at most, but this movie has decided to see what would happen if you took a bad gun deal and had it play out over the entirety of a 90-minute run time. I have to say, I'm intrigued, partially because of the concept and also because of the cast, which features Brie as a no nonsense hottie there to facilitate the exchange, which she ultimately fails to do. One area where Brie doesn't fail is in the wearing of low cut, see thru dresses. The future Captain Marvel knows a thing or two about turning on the sexy when she feels like it. I remember one of her early efforts there, back on her show The United States of Tara. I don't subscribe to the cake sitting fetish myself, but I can't imagine anyone doing it better than Brie did.

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