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Brie Larson is a fiercely hot property now

03.24.2016by: Droz

I feel kinda proud of Brie Larson for coming through with the big win at the Oscars this year. Not because she was one of the few correct guesses I made in my Oscar pool. I've just been a fan of hers way before most people were aware of her. Makes me something like a proud papa, except totally not because I find her way hot. The question now though is whether she's going to be one of those big time A-listers who gets all the choice roles and finds her way back to the Oscar podium again and again. Or will she go the Cuba Gooding Jr. route and disappear into a haze of shit movies she can ask an extra million for because she's got a golden bald guy? This remains to be seen. Somehow I can't see her going the SNOW DOGS route, but neither do I see her becoming the centerpiece of the next billion-dollar franchise. I predict she will continue to be the dark horse nominee, killing it with her little indie movies and screwing up everyone's Oscar pools. Except for mine though. I'll always bet on her.

Source: Elle


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