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Bridgit Mendler doesn't look Undateable to us

01.12.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I want to keep throwing NKD magazine under the f*cking bus until they can figure out how to get a decent photoshoot of their beautiful and willing subjects. I'm not even going to bitch that a magazine that infers nudity (and if NKD stands for something else, I'm never going to be compelled to figure that out with the shit photos they keep churning out) but rather point out that I have no clue why they would take Bridgit Mendler - a normally very fit & stunning young woman and dress her like one of the extras from the first season of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Mendler was born in 1992, so there's no need for a nostalgia trip. Many of the images are out of focus and poorly staged, which makes me want to weep for the photography teachers of the world. Bridgit got her main start as a Disney fixture, appearing in the TV movie, LEMONADE MOUTH and then as a co-star of Selena Gomez on The Wizards of Waverly Place. She's now one of the stars of the mostly overlooked but actually quite funny NBC sitcom, Undateable, where she's charming in that sitcom actress way that made Jennifer Aniston famous. It's also nice that Mendler doesn't have an overly thin body, looking healthy in a way that her contemporaries probably scoff at but I really appreciate. At least that part works with this '90's inspired shoot - it wasn't until the late '90's that the emaciated look really became a thing with the Ally McBeal girls.
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