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Brenda Song tries on some classy, old school hotness

02.01.2017by: Droz

Brenda Song got into the way back machine for the latest Modelista magazine, creating a throwback spread looking like something from a 1950s catalog. I've always had a special thing for Brenda. She conforms to a number of my predilections when it comes to the fine hotties. She's got that Asian thing happening, obviously. You can call that a fetish if you like, but I don't think it's particularly fetishistic to find attractive members of a community counting in the billions. If you subscribe to my definition of a fetish, which is something unusual or strange, then digging on a population that size is more like the opposite of a fetish. Anyway, it's not just her heritage that interests me. She's also diminutive yet curvaceous, which I'm always down for. Give me a short girl with a round ass and I'm a happy guy. Brenda's got a whole lot going for her in my estimation.

Source: Modeliste


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