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Brenda Song needs to knit some see trough jeans to go with her sweater

04.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Brenda Song is always down for looking sexy, even when she's doing something as mundane as running around town. She'll do it wearing sheer or see-through attire like the sweater in this photo set. Unfortunately, that's where the buck stops. This hottie seems adamant about only taking her exposure so far. She's been generous enough to do implied nudity, appear in her unmentionables and even teases us with revealing outfits like this one from time to time, but, she's yet to the cross that free-the-nipple threshold. I really hope it's not a moral thing, because if it is: that could mean will never get a glimpse of Brenda in all of her natural glory – seems like a waste to me. I'm too infatuated with her to be bitter about it, though. Even uneventful photos like these get my attention and compel me to share.

Source: Got Celeb


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