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Brea Grant is ready to be Sundance's - and your - BFF

01.24.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Back in 2008, Brea Grant was cast in the illustrious role of "junkie girl" in the critically lambasted MAX PAYNE. And she ended up being uncredited for it. Not too long after, Brea got a strong second chance when she was picked up by the then-popular "Heroes" and cast as Daphne, a character that I have forgotten which usually means she irritated me to the extent that I needed to take a dry eraser to that white-boarded image. With her role short lived on the NBC superheroes show, Grant was oh-so-lucky (stop staring at my rolling eyes!) to get a prime role in Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2. I might be willing to stand by his first remake, even in the face of those all hardcore horror fans pissing in my face when I do, but the second was a steaming pile of number 2.

But the girl kept right on plugging, finally getting a 4 episode run on "Dexter" before deciding that enough was enough and told Jobu "F*ck you," she'd do it herself. Which is precisely what she did when she co-wrote the screenplay for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER with her own friend, Vera Miao (like Asian chicks? Look her up... she's a total stunner), decided to direct the movie and undergo the daunting task of acting in it as well. One chick is a comic book writer, the other has major issues and after discovering that an apocalypse is on the horizon, the BFFs jump into their '76 AMC Pacer and start driving. Reviews have not been great but I gotta say, it's been a long time since there was a THELMA & LOUISE style chick-road-flick and I personally welcome that.


Source: GotCeleb


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