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BOTB Zac's Girls: Halston Sage vs Michelle Rodriguez vs Vanessa Hudgens

07.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

There wasn't much interest in either the Battle of the Giant Babes last week or the movie, THE BFG, that it was based on. I know, it was poorly thought out and hastily constructed but you can't hold that against Spielberg forever, right? As for the tall ladies I featured in the column, Adrianne Palicki was your favorite, even if her career isn't. There's a lot more hope for the comedy MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES, what with the cast of good looking funny people sure to bring in the guys and girls alike. Here are some of the ladies who brought its star, Zac Efron, into their lives.

Halston Sage

There was more speculation that Haltson Sage and Efron were a couple after filming NEIGHBORS together back in early 2014, no matter how real or not the relationship actually was, the two certainly looked as good together off screen as they did on. The reports were minimal and there wasn't much to go on about the pair once the summer hit and Zac was seen with another lady, but the could've beens certainly helped Sage book some more work, which no one can complain about.

Michelle Rodriguez

Back in 2014, when we were all a bit less jaded by this vicious world, there was the fleeting "romance" between Efron and Michelle Rodriguez to keep us giggling through the summer. They might have only lasted 2 months and it might have only been for show, with the two reportedly acting as one another's beards, but the whole concept that M-Rod and Zac were bumping uglies was scintillating. Michelle has since explained that she's just not all that interested in being serious with anyone and Efron seems to have the deepest connection with his body building "supplements."

Vanessa Hudgens

Hudgens was the girl that Efron met when they were young upstarts on the Disney Channel, running around in high school hallways, dancing and singing about being young and beautiful. It was Zac that Vanessa reportedly was sending those early nude leaked photos to, which made all of us more jealous of his love life than of his abs. Who knows how superficial the relationship really was, what with Disney often manufacturing these statuses for their own personal gain. But honestly, who cares? The two looked good together.

Which one of Zac's girls do you wish you had: Halston, Michelle or Vanessa?

Source: IMDB


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