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BOTB Z Is For: Zendaya vs Zoey Deutch vs Zoe Kravitz

08.27.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I highly doubt that Z FOR ZACHARIAH is going to be setting big box office tallies or making much of any waves on the broad landscape that is the movie universe, but it brought an interesting point to my attention. A lot of young hotties have parents unafraid of the end of the alphabet (or the apocalypse, based on everyone's ongoing love of vampires). Being a Z named gal myself (what, you didn't really think my name was Cherry, did you?), I'm all for the trend. Here are three of my favorite Gal Zs of late.


What a cute young thing this Disney star is. Sure, I don't think her Disney movie should have been named ZAPPED, mainly because I'm still a bit damaged from the 1980's version with then-teenaged horndogs Scott Baio and Willie Aames but that's a different topic. Zendaya ended up in the news earlier this year for reasons unrelated to us getting to celebrate her legal adulthood, which should have some patchouli in it. That's what growing up is all about - incense and flirtations with dirty hippie-ishness. Don't make it about more than that, E!.

Zoey Deutch

It interesting that two of the more prominent up-and-comers spawned from famous parents are young, gorgeous and named Zoe/y. The first, if only for use in this column, is Lea Thompson's mini me, Zoey Deutch, who has been working her way through being a Southern belle and a vampire half-breed for YA fiction movie adaptations. With her upcoming turn in the naughty comedy, DIRTY GRANDPA, set for a 2016 release, looks like we'll be enjoying Zoey for at least as long as we have her mama.

Zoe Kravitz

I find Zoe Kravitz to be a hard lady to look away from. Not only is she beautiful, she was built that way off the genes of her two genetically superior parents, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. It makes sense that I love me some Zoe, since I was equally enamored with both of them, but I love that Zoe has been bold in making her own statements as an artist. Long live the princess!

Which Z named babe sets off your alphabet: Zendaya, Zoey or Zoe?

Source: IMDB


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