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BOTB 2015 Young Adults: Bella Thorne vs Chloe Moretz vs Odeya Rush

12.31.2015by: Cherry Liquor

It was nice to see some love for Aimee Teegarden last week, even if she couldn't beat AnnaSophia Robb in the Battle of the Surfer Babes. I've always thought that Aimee has been getting the short end of the stick in her career, so it's nice to see that she has other supporters. As we close out the fifteenth year of the third millennium, I'd like to pause and take stock of the three hottest babes who reached exploitation age this year. They're all winners, except one is a bigger winner in your opinions. Here we go...  

Bella Thorne

For someone who spent the past two years looking far beyond legal status, it's still hard to process that Bella Thorne is the most recently minted 18-year old of this bunch. Perhaps it's because she's the youngest of a line of hot sisters who have also been featured on this site (Dani and Kaili were popular fixtures long before we could show off all the skimpy couture Bella has trotted out for red carpets). This redhead is sure to continue turning heads for years to come, especially with the long line-up of projects she's releasing for 2016.

Chloe Moretz

Easily the best actress in this group of three, I think we all have loved Chloe from the moment she started side-eyeing the camera while kicking villainous ass as Hit Girl. Now that she's a legally ogle-able young adult, we're going to get to drool over her in short skirts and bikinis for the upcoming sequel to NEIGHBORS because who doesn't like a sexy sorority girl who has the poise of a mature sexy adult?

Odeya Rush

She doesn't have the palpable sex appeal of Thorne and is still honing her skill as an actress, putting her bounds behind Moretz but Odeya Rush is my favorite from the new young adults here. That sultry gaze of hers holds a knowing that I've only seen in the young Mila Kunis and her acting is inching its way up to a strong dramatic status reminiscent of well, it's getting good. I'm eager to see exactly where this young lady is heading with the boundless potential of hers.

Which 18-year old of 2015 is your favorite: Bella, Chloe or Odeya?

Source: IMDB


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