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BOTB YA Heroines: Chloe Moretz vs Jennifer Lawrence vs Shailene Woodley

01.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I would have thought you guys would have been all over the Munn action in last week's battle. It seems that no matter how irritated some might claim to be with the beautiful wannabe geek girl, they still come knocking at her door. But no, it was Nadine Velazquez who ruled the RIDE ALONG 2 battle (and finally earned herself her own hottie gallery) with the biggest number of votes. This week we're looking at more YA adaptation fodder battling aliens (and naughty grandpas) with THE 5TH WAVE, giving us a chance to decide which YA heroine is the hottest.

Chloe Moretz

I read more than the average bear and even I haven't had a chance to get around to THE 5TH WAVE, yet another one of those "the world is ending" sets of YA books that instead focuses on aliens instead of people burning up society from the inside. I'd much rather check out Moretz in NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING because she's funnier than most people give her credit for and I'm saving my alien invasion dollars for the INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel. Still, Chloe cuts a strong heroine figure, being Hit Girl and all.

Jennifer Lawrence

I still think Jennifer Lawrence is an unconditional babe, beautiful as much on the inside as she is on the exterior. It surprises me sometimes that in recent months people have taken to knocking her for speaking her mind or daring to not act like the world's darling. JLaw will always be the best Katniss, a heroine with conflicts and imperfections like the majority of us. I'd gladly follow her into battle any day.

Shailene Woodley

I know she's some neo-hippie granola cruncher in real life (Miles Teller once infamously dished that she tasted like rotting dirt when they had a kissing scene in THE SPECTACULAR NOW due to the supplements & teas she would drink) but Woodley has always seemed like a super fun girl to be around. She also is convincing when it comes to believing that she could save me in the event of a dystopian disaster. She even looks hot with the short hair in the DIVERGENT set of movies, a feat fairly hard for most Hollywood babes to pull off.

Which YA heroine would you most like to save you: Chloe, Jennifer or Shailene?

Source: IMDB


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