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BOTB Xmas Movie Babes: Keira Knightley vs Reese Witherspoon vs Zooey Deschanel

11.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor

SPECTRE did some awesome numbers at the box office last weekend and one of its stars, Monica Bellucci, continued to pull the best numbers from you Schmoes, who ranked her the hottest of the ladies in the latest James Bond flick. Much like I would prefer Lea Seydoux over Monica, I'm similarly craving KRAMPUS over LOVE THE COOPERS, we get what we get and we don't pitch a fit. We write a Battle of the Babes column inspired by Xmas movies instead!

Keira Knightley

Andrew Lincoln was so heartbroken over not being Keira Knightley's Mr. Right that he hooked himself up with a wife who dumped him the minute the zombie apocalypse broke out. Many people I know really love themselves some LOVE ACTUALLY and watch it every Christmas season. I'd rather succumb to a zombie infection. Sure, there are good moments (and the young Keira is great eye candy in it) but give me THE REF instead. I'm too jaded and bitter to buy into that love garbage.

Reese Witherspoon

Every actress who wins an Oscar goes on to put out some stinkers immediately following their wins. Halle Berry had CATWOMAN. Charlize Theron had AEON FLUX. Reese Witherspoon had FOUR CHRISTMASES. (I give JUST LIKE HEAVEN a pass because Mark Ruffalo is bae.) I would like to think that actresses reading scripts would note when they were "comedies" starring Vince Vaughn and run in the opposite direction, but those fat paychecks must escape the overshadowing that Vince's jowls throw on everything else around him.

Zooey Deschanel

Before she became womanchild du jour for the geek crowd, Zooey Deschanel had some good moments. She used to be the strange, sarcastic, driving force in tiny, unappreciated roles that made the movie better by her simply being in them. ELF is one of those during the pre-blow-up of her career, where she simply sang and drolly tolerated the antics of Will Ferrell's joyous helper of Santa with a side-eye and a smirk. This is the movie out of the three here that I'll watch repeatedly and love Deschanel for it.

Which Xmas movie hottie decks your halls the best: Keira, Reese or Zooey?

Source: IMDB


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