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BOTB X-Men Fresh Meat: Alexandra Shipp vs Lana Condor vs Sophie Turner

05.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was Rachel McAdams by a hair in last week's battle of the Ryan Gosling babes, marking not the first time an ex seemed preferable over a current babe. Too bad people couldn't decide that about Gosling's movie, one of the only films this summer with original content and not a sequel or a reboot. While we're on the topic of sequels, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE might not be getting the reviews denoting excellence but when it comes to the fresh new faces it's adding to its annals, it certainly excels. Here are those faces now, minus Olivia Munn, so calm those complaint engines before they get started.

Alexandra Shipp

Alexandra is going to have a lot to live up to in her young version of Storm. I mean, all of those hideous upon horrendous wigs taht Halle Berry went through in the first version of the X-MEN flicks, whew. Instead the up-and-coming babe went a whole different route and actually shaved her head for the role, meaning that we're due some Karen Gillan dedication to a character, which can't be bad. As to whether I'm going to appreciate her take on the twisted weather forecaster, I'm in the camp that's waiting until the Memorial Weekend crowds disperse.

Lana Condor

I know very little about Lana Condor, the Vietnamese lovely young thing who has been cast to play Jubilee, one of the mutants I enjoyed from the X-Men cartoon series, if only because I was a young thing when I watched that show and could relate to her juvenile crap, but longed to have her powers to go with it. For a 19-year old, Condor is about as adorable as a middle schooler, so it's a little difficult to take her too seriously.

Sophie Turner

Turner, coming from her huge "Game of Thrones" fan base of followers is easily the new mutant everyone is the hottest about. Powers-wise, the young Jean Grey isn't anywhere near as interesting as her adult, fully developed self, so while Turner is definitely a looker, I'm not sure if she's going to be able to compete with the big dogs when it comes to throwing her supernatural power around.

Which X-MEN: APOCALYPSE newbie are you most excited about: Alexandra, Lana or Sophie?

Source: IMDB


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