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BOTB X-Chicks: Jennifer Lawrence vs Sophie Turner vs Zoe Kravitz

03.02.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, when we took a look at 3 of the top period piece actresses who all seem to court a high amount of favor from you schmoes, Natalie Portman still came out on top, as she usually does. It wasn't by as big of a margin as you would have expected in years past, with her squeaking past Keira Knightley by only one vote. Alicia Vikander is growing on you as well, so if we were to revisit this in another couple of years, who knows? As for something we revisit every few years, there's another X-MEN movie coming out from the franchise, this time with the bloody R-rated LOGAN. While I'm sure you're not going to love this match-up, I wanted to go with actresses all similar in age from the newer flicks, so bear with me.

Jennifer Lawrence

Much like Portman, at one point there was no one I could put up against the JLaw without her coming away the very clear winner. How much have times changed since Jen first took on the role of the young Mystique? She's certainly far slimmer now than she was when that blue makeup was first applied and has developed a bit more of a reputation, which some have grown to love even more and others have come to loathe.

Sophie Turner

Right before she was hired as the young Jean Grey, Sophie Turner was also carrying around a little more "baby fat" so to speak. What is it about these superhero movies that compels these actresses to hit the gym like a Mack truck and whittle themselves down to a figure that doesn't look as imposing? Sophie is going to have to dye that hair back to red pretty soon if she's going to continue the role, although it might be interesting to see what f*cked up wig they could put on her, like they used to screw around with Halle Berry's Storm.

Zoe Kravitz

Here's where things got wonky. I knew I wanted to pit Lawrence against Turner but it was questionable when it came to the third. I could have used Olivia Munn but I'm kinda tired of putting Munn in the mix. I don't think she's a credible enough actress and I didn't care for her in APOCALYPSE. January Jones was out too, as was Rose Byrne, mainly because they just didn't seem to fit with the others. So I went with Zoe Kravitz, who played the underwhelming Angel in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. She's similarly aged, can act, is fit and I think is just as attractive as the other two. Of course, you can also tell me I'm wrong.

Which X-Men babe mutates your senses the most: Jennifer, Sophie or Zoe?

Source: IMDB


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