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BOTB Wonder Women: Lynda Carter vs Gal Gadot vs Adrianne Palicki

10.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It was a full bodied battle the last time we met, with the votes split evenly amongst the flat chested Emma Watson, Kate Hudson and Keira Knightley. With this week bringing on PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN detailing the origin story of the character of Wonder Woman (as well as the argument for polyamorous relationships and a little light BDSM), I thought I could feature the 3 women who have played the demigoddess in the flesh (I am discounting anyone who has done the voice for an animated version of WW, so save your superfluous comments or I might have to whip with my own lasso of truth).

Lynda Carter

For me, while I positively adore Gal Gadot's big screen take on the superheroine, there's just something magical to how Carter brought Wonder Woman to life on the small screen. Back in the '70's, the networks were battling to bring their own cheesy versions of comic book characters to life, creating a foundation of nostalgia for everyone from The Hulk to Spider-Man, but it was Lynda filling out that star spangled bodice that made it impossible for the character to gain any footing until Gadot came along.

Gal Gadot

Out of everything that came from Gadot tackling the role of Diana, it's the fact that she was only promised $300K per movie to play her. That's right, while the rest of her male co-stars were reaping much higher rewards, it's Gal - perfectly synced with the spirit of Wonder Woman, perhaps the only good thing about BvS - who got paid the least. And don't tell me that's it's because she was a lesser star when she signed on, because no one really knew who the f*ck Henry Cavill was before he put on Superman's cape and they cut him a check for $14 million.

Adrianne Palicki

I've long joked that casting Adrianne Palicki was the number one sign of doom that a project was going to fail. While Friday Night Lights was beloved by the fans, it struggled with ratings during its entire run, even forcing a write-in campaign to keep it on the air. Lone Star, her promising show after FNL didn't last more than a few episodes. GI JOE: RETALIATION was rescheduled from its initial release even after trailers & props were in theaters. The RED DAWN remake never got any traction. And of course, the proposed Wonder Woman series ended up being a TV Movie that no one saw. So while Palicki is a sexy lady who deserves better, she might not have been the best choice to try and revitalize the character for the small screen.

Which Wonder Woman makes you want to ride in her invisible plane: Lynda, Gal or Adrianne?

Source: IMDB


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