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BOTB Witch Babes: Emmy Rossum vs Eva Green vs Famke Janssen

09.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Believe it or not, we had a three-way tie last week in the Battle of the Thriller chicks, with everyone giving equal love to Jane Levy, Kate Mara and Maika Monroe. Personally, I don't think any answer was a wrong one, as all three are high up on my favorites list. Not high on any lists for me is 1999's original THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, which I remember anxiously waiting in line with a bunch of other people who weren't hooked into the web back then. Too shaky, too much hype without the pay-off I was hoping for. That might not be the case for the new BLAIR WITCH that debuts this weekend, but one thing IS certain: I love me a witchy woman. Especially these three. Will it be as hard for you guys to pick a number one?

Emmy Rossum

For me, it pretty much doesn't get more perfect than Emmy Rossum. She's gorgeous, she has a wonderful body (that she's not shy about showing off), her singing voice makes me tear up when she dives into opera and man is she brave when it comes to taking on roles. Rossum could have easily been a hotter Anne Hathaway in shitty rom-coms but instead she took chances and in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, the YA adapted film that sadly crashed and burned at the box office, she slayed as a Southern belle bad witch with short hair and a shorter temper. If the series had continued, we would have seen even more of her being beautifully bad. Instead, she's just gorgeously good all the time.

Eva Green

I can understand why it's so appealing to casting directors to pick up Eva Green in the role of a witch. From THE GOLDEN COMPASS to DARK SHADOWS, Green can play the stereotype in any direction, all with sleepy eyes and heaving bosom. That edge to Green's beauty is what makes her so striking, casting a spell on your wand and getting a reaction that few others could muster. Hell, I wouldn't be disappointed if she continued to work the broomstick in everything she's cast in.

Famke Janssen

HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS was an excellent premise that oddly stumbled in execution and ultimately ended up mostly overlooked and forgotten. Too kitschy? Perhaps. But it's hard to argue that watching Famke Janssen chew scenery and look like she was the only cast member actually having fun makes it worth the 98 minutes alone. Janssen has always had a bewitching element to her disposition, we just need to figure out a way to get her into more black laced corsets.

Which babe would you like to have ride your broomstick: Emmy, Eva or Famke?

Source: IMDB


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