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BOTB Wild Babes: Britney Spears vs Demi Lovato vs Mariah Carey

09.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Portman is still the majority winner for you guys, who voted her your favorite Aronofsky babe last week. Sure, there are others I could have used (Emma Watson was in NOAH and she's usually good for a clean sweep of your affections) but I wanted the wildest, the bravest, the most recognizable from his films. Much like KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE will be bringing us the coolest, craziest action scenes this weekend. Here are a few wild & crazy gals this week for you to pick from.

Britney Spears

It doesn't surprise me that the majority of female celebrities with reputations for being a bit crazy are from the music side of the entertainment industry. There seems to be more pressure to be perfect because they're not playing characters, although one could argue differently about Britney Spears, who used to have an alter ego she named Amy. We've all heard about the insane sex she had with various people, the multiple marriages, the head shaving. Still, if there's anyone who cleaned up better than Brit, I've yet to find them.

Demi Lovato

Or have I? Demi Lovato is now on top of the heap, singing her little thin nasally voice out while running up the pop music charts and getting her male fans to drool every time she slips into fishnets. But Demi had a cocaine problem, a cutting problem, a beating up backup dancers problem and you can still see the crazy around the edges of her eyes, as if she's barely got it under control. Which must mean she's taking it out one place - the bedroom.

Mariah Carey

The OG of going crazy in style, it was Mariah who kicked off the media's obsession with pop stars losing their shit in public, after she appeared on TRL and stripped for Carson Daly. Even after the plastic surgeries, the weight gain, the bombed New Year's Eve performance, you know Mariah would be worth it for the kicks, if only temporarily. The lady is nuts but she knows how to have fun.

Which wild & crazy gal would you like to get wild & crazy with: Britney, Demi or Mariah?

Source: IMDB


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