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BOTB Wedding Babes: Isla Fisher vs Kaley Cuoco vs Rachel McAdams

01.15.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Just when you thought it was a new year with so much promise and potential, yet another stupid bromantic rom-com gets released where we get to watch Kevin Hart jump around a shlubby Josh Gad. At least THE WEDDING RINGER has inspired one paltry thing: the idea for this week's Battle of the Babes.

Isla Fisher

While many of you are going to solely remember Isla Fisher as being the lusty little sister of Rachel Adams in THE WEDDING CRASHERS, it turns out that Fisher is a repeat wedding movie offender. In the little-seen but still pretty funny movie WEDDING DAZE (written and directed by the awesome Michael Ian Black), Isla gets the lead role to be as ditzy and scene-stealing as we love her to be.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley just celebrated her one year wedding anniversary to that tennis player guy whose last name she's tacked on to her own but I refuse to adapt to just yet (Eva Longoria once had Parker on her name too, if you recall). But she's most likely going to always be more successful as a comedic actress than she will be as a hyphenate, goofy face and bad cut and everything else included.

Rachel McAdams

She might have been successful in catching a guy in THE WEDDING CRASHERS (more than one, if you count the then much-lesser-known Bradley Cooper) but in real life, while she's been attached to an impressive list of men, she's failed at ringing one to keep. Rachel McAdams will forever be the hottest single lady at the party and I think I can live with that.

Which Wedding movie babe would you most like to put your ring on: Isla, Kaley or Rachel?

Source: IMDB


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