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BOTB War Babes: Evangeline Lilly vs Jennifer Garner vs Sienna Miller

05.11.2017by: Cherry Liquor

You guys don't care if Nebula is made up of different parts, you're still in love with that bald blue alien. Well, her human redheaded side as Karen Gillan. She was the winner of last week's battle of the Guardians of the Galaxy babes, with Zoe Saldana a close second. If I'm being honest, summer of 2017 doesn't look all that hot for good movies, with a few exceptions (I'm looking forward to WONDER WOMAN, THE DARK TOWER and BAYWATCH but that's about it), this week's release of THE WALL not being one of them. Modern war movies make me cold, probably even moreso than movies about long-ago wars. But the women in some of them provide some warmth, so here are three to choose from.

Evangeline Lilly

You know it's bad when you'll watch any movie a certain actor is in, even if you're not really all that excited about the material. Such is the case when I have to see Jeremy Renner do his thing, although I might have been swayed to see the film because of a certain woman. No, not Evangeline Lilly, although she's always pleasant. I'm still happy that Bigelow beat out ex-cheating-hubby, James Cameron. Not just because he deserved to lose but because she deserved to win.

Jennifer Garner

People got ticked with director Peter Berg after some comments regarding Caitlyn Jenner (while I despise allowing memes to do the talking for you instead of drafting your own worded opinion, I have to agree that Jenner is the biggest attention whore of that whole clan & don't think she's doing the trans community any favors), the man makes a damn fine movie. Too few people have seen THE KINGDOM, a gritty take on effects of war. It's also just another place to take note of how damn good (and rather unrecognized) Garner is as an actress.

Sienna Miller

I haven't seen AMERICAN SNIPER and have no desire to. I've grown weary of Eastwood's manly-man BS proclamations about what's wrong with the world and Hollywood in general, so it would take some mighty strong leaning to get me to watch this flick. I know Sienna Miller is in it, playing yet another wife character who probably doesn't get a lot of meaningful screen time because what does the war have to do with the women back at home, right?

Which war babe would you go to battle for: Evangeline, Jennifer or Sienna?

Source: IMDB


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