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BOTB Walking Dead: Christian Serratos vs Danai Gurira vs Lauren Cohan

04.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week I jumped the gun and posted a battle based on a movie that's coming out this week instead of last, but we can look back and call it a nostalgia trip because everyone seemed eager to praise how good the ladies of the 1980's are looking in their 50's (and 60's). Diane Lane is still a big winner, besting Susanna Hoffs and Christie Brinkley. Now, for this week, I've heard that a lot of you are butt hurt about the final episode of season six of "The Walking Dead." I gave up on the show before the mid-point of last season not because of some "I'm too cool to watch what everyone else loves" (although it hasn't sounded like most of you are loving it that fervently still) but because I simply got bored with the redundancy and "can't do wrong" attitude that the show took on. One thing I do miss is checking up on the ass-kicking ladies from the show, so how about another battle between 3 of those still (maybe??? Dun Dun Dun...) living.

Christian Serratos

The first time I saw pictures of Christian Serratos, she looked like an overly primped member of the Kardoucheian clan, with her slathered on makeup and barely there outfits. Of course, she was coming off a brief turn on the TWILIGHT dance floor, so I can understand why she was glossy like a magazine page. I can't say that she looked terribly roughed up when cast as Rosita on "The Walking Dead," but she grew on me for the brief amount of time that I watched her character before giving up on the show.

Danai Gurira

Call me crazy but I'd much rather hitch my wagon to Michonne than any other babe who's on the show. OK, maybe Carol as well because I like a lady who knows how to handle herself. Gurira is an absolutely striking woman with or without those famous Walking Dead dreads her character wears, with a body that screams she's built for things as tough as zombie killing and as tender as a vertical shuffle.

Lauren Cohan

I get it. You guys really like Lauren Cohan. From most of the posts we have of the leggy brunette on this site, you're practically salivating on your screens every time she appears in a photoshoot. Sure, that love won't get you to go watch her movies like THE BOY, but it certainly is enough to get your panties in a bunch when her character, Maggie, is in trouble on the show. I'm guessing she'll be the overwhelming winner here but as with the show, surprises are always up for grabs.

Which Walking Dead lady brings out your big cliffhanger: Christian, Danai or Lauren?

Source: IMDB


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