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BOTB Wachowski Women: Christina Ricci vs Halle Berry vs Mila Kunis

02.05.2015by: Cherry Liquor

There was about as much response from last week's battle of the biracial babes as there was for the movie (BLACK AND WHITE) that inspired it. But for those who chimed in, Kat Graham was the gal for you. This week, as we enter the world of a Wachowski PG-13 rated multi-universe Channing Tatum tainted sci-fi flick with JUPITER ASCENDING. I'm not saying it looks bad... for your average middle schooler. As for the women of the "brothers" last three big films, you tell me which one looks best.

Christina Ricci

I don't know if I'll ever really get behind bobble-headed Christina Ricci. I grew up with her going through those teen to adult years, with those pinchable chipmunk cheeks and the bosoms that didn't quit until she had a don't make them. So I wasn't too particularly keen on her Trixie in 2008's SPEED RACER. But that doesn't mean that I'll judge you if you do. Out loud or to your face, at least.

Halle Berry

I honestly do not remember CLOUD ATLAS coming to a multi-screened local theater near me and I'm pretty on top of these things. Not sure why the beloved cult status that the Wachowskis begat from THE MATRIX (and its subsequent, wholly unnecessary sequels) trickled to the slow stream that it's at now (while the budget was still big for JA, the studio's "faith" in the film speaks for itself in the February release date) but I can always blame Halle Berry. It's just so easy to blame Halle Berry.

Mila Kunis

I've been babbling a bit because I think we all know that the clear, undeniable winner in this match-up is Mila Kunis. Even though she was nearly common-law married to Macaulay Culkin and is now with the ever-douchy Ashton Kutcher, we forgive her. She's easy to forgive. I just want to forgive all over her.

Which Wachowski star would you most like to make feel like a real woman: Christina, Halle or Mila?

Source: IMDB


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