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BOTB Voice Over Hotties: Lacey Chabert vs Camilla Luddington vs Katy Perry

03.06.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Last week it seems as if one thing is certain: Liam Neeson is not to be f*cked with, whether it comes to his cinematic daughters or his reign over box office supremacy. Maggie Grace is your favorite fake spawn of Liam, with Marion almost a near tie along with her. Now the other famous dad - MR. PEABODY - as voiced by one of my favorite TV dads (Ty Burrell aka Phil Dunphy from "Modern Family"), will be trying to usurp Liam's box office place. So how about some hot voice over actresses, eh?

Lacey Chabert

"The Wild Thorberrys" was one of those Nickelodeon cartoons that I could watch over and over again, no matter how many times I'd seen the episodes before (personally, I don't think Spongebob can touch it) and where you'd hear not only Tim Curry and Flea doing vocal duty but the "Party of Five" little-girl-grown-up-hot, Lacey Chabert. (Coincidentally, the show also featured hottie Danielle Harris as well.)

Camilla Luddington

You can place the face of Lara Croft with Angelina Jolie if you care to associate her movie version with the video game but since those feature abominations have had their day, Camilla Luddington has redefined the bodaciously racked adventure hunter. Luddington you might remember from your girlfriend's favorite shows, "True Blood" or "Grey's Anatomy," but the Brit did time on one of your faves - "Californication" as well.

Katy Perry

She's Katy Perry, she's Smurfette, she's got a great set of tits and a discography full of tunes that scream through your skull with lyrics that you can't shake. She wants to hear you roar, you probably are ready to hear her shut up.

Which voice over beauty makes the best love to your ears: Lacey, Camilla or Katy?

Source: IMDB


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