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BOTB Video Game Movie Babes: Gemma Arterton vs Imogen Poots vs Mila Kunis

06.05.2014by: Cherry Liquor

It was actually really close last week with the Canceled TV Babes, with Minka Kelly winning by only a 2 vote margin over Brenda Song who only topped Brooklyn Decker by a single vote. Now we're looking into a EDGE OF TOMORROW, Tom Cruise summer movie weekend and while I know it's not actually based on a video game, it sure looks like it is. Which made me think that it's got a better chance of being successful that it's not, even if video game movie babes are super sexy.

Gemma Arterton

As much as I like me some Jake Gyllenhaal, I'm still not enough of a luster of his buffed up PoP body to have seen the movie in theaters and I wasn't alone. While it's the second top grossing video game adaptation movie of all time, and while it features the insanely hot Gemma Arterton in period costumes, the movie still only pulled in $90 million domestically and while it sounds impressive to have earned $245 mil in foreign markets, the Disney blockbuster broke more bank accounts than records for costing well over $200 million to make and distribute. (Which may have been why they learned to keep casting hot brunettes in JOHN CARTER, but not in how to manage the money invested.)

Imogen Poots

While Poots wasn't the big name in the picture, boy oh boy did put too much stock in Aaron Paul's domestic box office appeal. Seems most Americans preferred to see him as the much harangued by life Jesse Pinkman. NEED FOR SPEED only pulled in $43 mil domestically, underwelming when its budget was well over $66 mil. The difference? The movie kicked MAJOR ass in the foreign markets, pulling in nearly $160 mil to date. Whether or not the adorable hotness of Poots contributed to that, well, we may never know.

Mila Kunis

While it's a fair assumption to believe that people avoided MAX PAYNE while it was in theaters, it actually did a decent cull at the box office with over $40 million (domestically and only a couple mil more in foreign distribution) in ticket sales. The problem was that the movie cost over $35 mil to produce and distribute. Before she'd really hit her stride as the hot piece of talented actress ass that she is, even with Kunis backing up Marky Mark, the film mainly ended up remembered for being... well, that movie that Mila Kunis was hotter than her video game counterpart in.

Which video game babe would you most like to play with: Gemma, Imogen or Mila?

Source: IMDB


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