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BOTB Victorious Babes: Ariana Grande vs Elizabeth Gillies vs Victoria Justice

03.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week was a very close battle, indeed. I never would have thought that you would be so evenly divided, giving the slight edge to Lizzy Caplan while ranking Jessica Lucas and Odette Yustman on equal terms. I was thinking about how everyone complimented Ariana Grande over her hosting/musical guesting duties on "Saturday Night Live," last weekend and it brought to mind another trio of ladies from our recent past who could stand to be matched up again today. So here goes...

Ariana Grande

Cat was easily the one most teased on "Victorious," as the high-pitched pipsqueak with a penchant for acting like a child. Since then, Ariana Grande has been the most successful graduate from that show, moving first into a duo-comedy with "iCarly" star Jennette McCurdy and since into a big pop star career, complete with dudes getting blasted on Twitter by her dad who didn't take kindly to the suggestion she was an American hating donut licker. Or perhaps that came later.

Elizabeth Gillies

While one might not think that Gillies is the second most successful graduate from "Victorious," it's a good argument to make. Liz has had a sexy sorority girl cameo in VACATION, not a spectacular endorsement, but her FX show, "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll," not only paired her with the great Denis Leary, it did well enough in the ratings to garner another season and some huge critical praise for the soundtrack that has been selling like crazy online. Sounds damn solid to me. Like that body. Mmmhmm.

Victoria Justice

The star of "Victorious" has to be the least successful alum, although I can understand why one might not think so. After all, Justice continues to appear in magazines, promotional ads and the like as if she's still a Nickelodeon darling but her music career is beyond stalled and her acting career has been limited to a really shitty show that was canceled before it finished a full season and a handful of indie movies that people don't know about and won't care if they forget either. Couple that with her hacked images from the Fappening (while some were fakes, there are real ones out there) and I'm proud that the girl still stands so tall.

Which "Victorious" former star is your favorite: Ariana, Elizabeth or Victoria?

Source: IMDB


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