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BOTB Upcoming Latinas: Dascha Polanco vs Eiza Gonzalez vs Francia Raisa

08.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to the ladies who mingle with dragons, you can't beat the mother of them all, Emilia Clarke, who took top honours last week. Touching on that negative vibe that seemed to go down, I'll speak up and be the first to say that I could stand to see a lot less of Jonah Hill in everything, although I'll probably go check out WAR DOGS because, well, Miles Teller. And while I could stand to see far less of Hill, here are three women I would love to see more of, although it was a little hard to fit in "Latinas we should really be seeing more of" into the title this week, so I went with the lesser and insufficient phrasing instead.

Dascha Polanco

Out of all of the missteps that Polanco's show, "Orange is the New Black" delivered in their recent 4th season, the fact that we saw far less of her character, Daya, is one of them. Which might have had to do with Dascha battling some personal matters, as well as her growing involvement in film. I don't care about the thin/petite, fat/thick, whatever you want to call it when you call it in reference to women's bodies, I think Polanco is f@cking SEXY. I also think she has that kind of natural, relaxed talent that is missing in a number of others. And I really want to see more from her.

Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza is probably the most well known & loved of the three here, mainly if you're a diehard who's been following the arc of the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN series of movies and the El Rey Channel show. Still, with as gorgeous as Gonzalez is, we're still only getting a small taste of her in Edgar Wright's upcoming BABY DRIVER and the low budget horror flick, BONEYARD CANTEEN. I'm sure Eiza will always get work in the telenovelas, but damn, it would have been nice to see her blow up like her predecessor, Salma.

Francia Raisa

Here's another one I don't get: out of all of the cast members from the deliciously terrible "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," why hasn't Francia Raisa gotten more love? While Shailene clearly was the star (although terrible on the show, which defied how strong she'd be in movies), there was a cast full of babes who could have gone on to more and yet, not so much. We get to see Francia when she attends a party or on the occasional candid run through LA, but for being the strongest of the females on the show, why hasn't she at the very least gotten another steady TV gig? I would love to see her break out of the small stuff.

Which up and coming hottie gets you up and coming: Dascha, Eiza or Francia?

Source: IMDB


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