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BOTB Trick R Treat Babes: Anna Paquin vs Leslie Bibb vs Rochelle Aytes

10.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you seemed split in your devotion to Emma Watson and Emmy Rossum, with very few agreeing with me that Jenna Dewan was the knockout witch of the battle. As All Hollow's Eve approaches, people are watching more& more horror movies to satiate their hunger for blood, gore and depravity. TRICK R TREAT is one of the Halloween movies I love to watch every year, partly because it's badass (and I'm still waiting for that sequel they proposed a couple of years back) and and partly because it's filled with hot babes.

Anna Paquin

Some people might think of her as Sookie and others might think of her as Rogue, but in TRICK R TREAT, Anna Paquin takes on another creepy dimension as Laurie, a girl with a virginal surprise. I don't know if it's the Little Red Riding Hood costume or the way that Paquin looks all bloodied but she gets me in the gooey spot every time.

Leslie Bibb

It's weird to me that Leslie Bibb hasn't been more of an A-list actress. She has the cops to do drama, comedy and in this instance, a bang-up job at horror. She might be no good at listening to the importance of Halloween traditions but boy does that girl know how to give good head. Hahahaha....

Rochelle Aytes

I thought about going with Laurie's sister Danielle, as played by Lauren Lee Smith, who famously has shown off more than just skin in other movies. Then I thought about how much I appreciate the hard working Aytes, who shows up in one of my other favorite guilty pleasures, WHITE CHICKS. Dimples of an angel and the cleavage of one too.

Which TRICK R TREAT babe is good to eat: Anna, Leslie or Rochelle?

Source: IMDB


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