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BOTB Transporter Ladies: Qi Shu vs Kate Nauta vs Natalya Rudakova

09.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week no one really went to go see Z FOR ZACHARIAH, the movie I based the Z Is For battle last week. However, you were clear in your communication that Zoey Deutch is the Z babe for you. This week, THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED is the biggest release, although it leaves me saying, "You're no Jason Statham, honey," whenever I catch a trailer featuring lead, Ed Skrein. We'll have to wait to see if Ed can match Jason when it comes to the bevy of TRANSPORTER beauties over the years.

Qi Shu

With lips lush enough to give her honorary Kardashian status (although she reminds me more of Kristin Kreuk) and a cute little pip squeak vocal delivery throughout the first TRANSPORTER movie, it's hard to think of Shu as being nearly 40-years old already. For fans, there are topless pics galore of the Taiwanese beauty, who has over 70 movie credits and a Golden Horse Award for best supporting actress (those are the equivalent of Oscars in Taiwan), and they're a lot easier to obtain than what Jason had to accomplish in the film.

Kate Nauta

Lola is one of my favorite bad girl characters from action films. She's icy and Nordic (Nauta is actually an American who was born in Oregon but she's the closest replacement for Brigitte Nielsen we've yet to see), her eye makeup dramatically pouring down her cheeks from the effort she's putting into stalking Statham. And she does it all in a sheer set of lingerie. If you can't commend that effort, I don't know what it'll take to get your approval.

Natalya Rudakova

We're hitting all the stops on the train ride of international babe hotness. Last stop is the red headed Russian, Natalya Rudakova, who pouted and preened and coerced Jason Statham into doing her bidding (and doing her!). Natalya really hasn't done anything big since her time in the series, which is a pity considering the great glow she had in the movie.

Which TRANSPORTER babe would you drive hard and fast: Qi, Kate or Natalya?

Source: IMDB


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