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BOTB Top Money Makers: Jennifer Lawrence vs Kaley Cuoco vs Katy Perry

05.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I'm pretty sure you're not frothing at the bit to go see MONEY MONSTER, at elast not like you were for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, where you lusted after last week's winner, Hayley Atwell, even if she wasn't really in the movie. And it's certainly not a week to get splooshy over the mutant girls from X-MEN, which we still have a couple more weeks to wait for. So here are the three top money makers in film, TV and music. Oh, look... maybe there is a mutant among them after all.

Jennifer Lawrence

I think I really processed just how big Jennifer Lawrence had grown to be when a studio was willing to put an X-MEN, big movie franchise on hold until she was done with her other time conflicts. In a world where they normally just replace an actor (especially females) if they're not available on demand, moving a shooting schedule all because of one actress means a lot. And they were right to do so, which makes Jennifer Lawrence's huge paychecks all the much more earned.

Kaley Cuoco

I liked her with short hair, I like her with long hair and dammit, I still like "The Big Bang Theory" no matter how many cooler-than-thou people have dismissed it. Yes, it's hokey and capitalizes on mocking stereotypes about being nerdy but not every sitcom that's on TV needs to be hyper-realistic. The show has smart female characters, imperfect dudes who make the same stupid mistakes as less brainier ones and yes, OK, Kaley's character is the least evolved in their world but she really rocks all those racy clothes they stick her in when her hotness needs to drown out the stupid. That's worth paying a mint for right there.

Katy Perry

I had figured that either Taylor Swift or Beyonce would be the top-paid singer but it turns out that all that touring Katy Perry has done over the past few years puts her in the lead when it comes to raking in the big bucks based on boobs & autotune. I'm not hating on Perry, I admire that she worked her way through writing songs for other people and isn't shy about putting her flawed, dorky side on display, unlike the others who seem to want to present only the best parts of themselves.

Which money maker's wallet do you want to get into: Jennifer, Kaley or Katy?

Source: IMDB


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