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BOTB Time Period Gals: Alicia Vikander vs Keira Knightley vs Natalie Portman

02.23.2017by: Cherry Liquor

When Ronda Rousey is ready to start taking calls again, she might want to dial up Gina Carano, who knows a thing or two about beating up the box office & wrestling the love out of the fans. She was the easy winner in last week's fighter babes match-up, with Lea Seydoux being the second pick. I might just be the only one who loves me some Sofia Boutella. This weekend will be a quiet one for new releases, what with the Oscars looming on Sunday and most people trying to gorge on the nominees. However, TULIP FEVER reminded me of the actresses who look awesome in period pieces, so here we are.

Alicia Vikander

Vikander has the kind of delicate beauty that most people associate with women who were dead long before even their great-grandparents were born, all fine bone structure and big, soft doe-eyes. It makes sense that she would gain a lot of roles in period movies, including THE DANISH GIRL, for which she won an Academy Award last year for Best Supporting Actress.

Keira Knightley

Vikander was also in ANNA KARENINA, which starred Knightley in one of her numerous movies where the costume designers managed to make her already frail frame even tinier in corsets & frou-frou dresses. Keira has probably spent more time in period piece costumes than anything more modern, with everything from THE IMITATION GAME to ATONEMENT to the Pirates movies.

Natalie Portman

From the wild west to goofy fictional Knights to Justin Chadwick's other movie about girls in corsets trying to please royalty, Portman has that austere presence that lends credibility to these roles, no matter how true-to-life or completely made up they are. It's too bad the writers never found a way to work in another pantless hotel room frolic.

Which period piece actress would you most like to stop time for: Alicia, Keira or Natalie?

Source: IMDB


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