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BOTB Thriller Babes: Jane Levy vs Kate Mara vs Maika Monroe

09.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to crazy stalker chicks, y'all are fans. So long as she isn't the type that corners you in a swimming pool, as only one person was all about Erika Christensen while the rest of you were evenly divided between Ali Larter and Rose Byrne. I know, stalking is bad unless it's a super hot woman who wants to do you and get her competition out of the way. Seems to be the case with the upcoming WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS as well, although I suppose you could do the other, PG-13 rated, not really scary but sorta still a thriller, BEFORE I WAKE. Which makes me think you like your ladies thrilling. So here are three to fight it out for your affection.

Jane Levy

While I'm surprised at the success of DON'T BREATHE, it's a pleasant, happy kind of surprise. Take one original concept, direct and act it well and you might just have something that can brush off the summer box office doldrums this 2016. I've always been a fan of Levy's, loving her from her inauspicious beginnings and the new blonde hair is sexy while her low-profile off-camera life is wonderfully unique from the rest of Hollywood's leading ladies. Kiss me, kill me, thrill me, Jane.

Kate Mara

The box office babe not fairing as well right now is MORGAN star, Kate Mara. Surely this movie can't be a waste of 92 minutes. It's got an amazing cast of actors and yet it couldn't even crack the top ten during its opening weekend last week, getting buried before it even got a chance to say, "Boo!" Kate has been suffering from some bad role choices lately, after her FANTASTIC FOUR bomb last summer as well. Perhaps you'll give her in the win here.

Maika Monroe

While Maika couldn't help the the waited-too-long-to-capitalize-on-the-first INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel this summer, she certainly was the main reason why last year's IT FOLLOWS did so well for its modest budget. Those big brown doe eyes of hers did more for the spook factor in the story than anything else (although the creepy soundtrack and gloomy cinematography certainly helped as well) and we haven't stopped loving her since. But is she the top thriller babe?

Which babe would you like to be your boo: Jane, Kate or Maika?

Source: IMDB


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