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BOTB: The Martian Ladies: Jessica Chastain vs Kate Mara vs Kristen Wiig

10.01.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you split the love fairly even between Katrina Bowden & Danielle Harris with a good offering to America Olivo as well (implants aside). It was a better reception than "Scream Queens" got, with the show getting good ratings that only increased as people tuned into the show through Hulu and Fox Now the days following its debut on Fox but tanking when it came to feedback from the fans, who have called it everything from obnoxious to exhausting. I get the feeling that many movie goers will have a similar recction to THE MARTIAN, which is the flashy big budget release with the all-star cast this week. People may or may not like the adaptation based on the popular Andy Weir sci-fi novel, but I'm guessing they're all going to tune in for its cast of uber-hot ladies.

Jessica Chastain

In my opinion, it's hard to beat a redhead. You could joke about their lack of souls but Jessica Chastain has proven herself to be an actress of limitless emotional depth, blowing that theory out of the water. She can do comedy, she can do horror, she can do drama and now she's tackling sci-fi again, this time unbidden of the heavy hand of Christopher Nolan. It'll be interesting and I'm guessing rather entertaining to boot.

Kate Mara

As I'm glancing over Kate Mara's resume, it dawned on me that I haven't really seen too many of the movies and TV shows she's been in. I've been meaning to get around to "House of Cards," and while I might like the screen still of Kate in her bra for the movie SHOOTER, I've tend to shy away from Markie Mark being too serious. But what I have seen Mara in (her turn on the first season of "American Horror Story," TRANSSIBERIAN, the strangely compelling PEEP WORLD), I've liked. Now, if we can only get her to grow her hair back out and stop dating The Thing.

Kristen Wiig

I like to refer to Kristen Wiig as being "marriage hot." Sure, she isn't some supermodel but her figure is quite tidy and yeah, her voice can vary between condescendingly calm and gratingly screechy but her delivery is always sincere and spot on. Kristen has depth, character, humour. She's someone you'd want around for a long time, therefore "marriage hot." Is it enough to boost her up past her costars in this week's battle?

Which star of The Martian would you go deep space for: Jessica, Kate or Kristen?

Source: IMDB


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