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BOTB Surfer Girls: Aimee Teegarden vs AnnaSophia Robb vs Kate Bosworth

12.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I would have figured that your nostalgia would be present in your pants when it came time to pick an all-time hottest STAR WARS babe last week but for whatever reason you're all still blindly smitten with Natalie Portman, who took the title. Carrie Fisher had nearly half the votes that her character's mama got from those who recognize a classic champion for what she is and there were a couple of you who have been wooed to the Daisy Ridley side. This week, instead of needless extra trilogy installments we're getting a needless remake of the all-time greatest awfully good film, POINT BREAK so let's break out the surfer girls in bikinis and forget that it's December.

Aimee Teegarden

More of a road trip, coming-of-age movie than a surfer flick, BEAUTIFUL WAVE is as Hallmark Channel schmaltzy as it gets. Still, there's the remarkably curvy body of Aimee Teegarden to ogle, so it has its up sides. I'm often shocked that Teegarden hasn't been able to make a bigger career for herself. She's pretty, perky and stacked, more than most young actresses have going for them. And thankfully she hasn't caved to the pressure of needing to be pin thin either.

AnnaSophia Robb

I couldn't bring myself to watch SOUL SURFER not so much because I'm paranoid of sharks but more because it had that spiritual edge to it that I find too saccharine-y sweet for my tastes. I know I'm missing out on AnnaSophia Robb and her legendary ass in a two piece but at least I won't sit for 2 hours wondering if anyone would have paid much attention to Bethany Hamilton as a surfer if she hadn't gotten her arm bit off. Then again, that ass...

Kate Bosworth

Man, Kate Bosworth was super hot when she first burst onto the screen in BLUE CRUSH. Since then I've become a bigger fan of her co-star from that film, Michelle Rodriguez while my interest in Kate has dwindled along with every pound she lost. In the girl surfer movie Bosworth showed off that she had a lot of potential not only as a hottie but as an actress and while things might not have paid off the way I expected them to for her, I'm giving her credit for starting off so strong.

Which surfer girl catches you in her riptide: Aimee, AnnaSophia or Kate?

Source: IMDB


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