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BOTB Sudeikis' Ladies: Alison Brie vs January Jones vs Olivia Wilde

09.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor

It was slim pickings last week, considering that whiel the TRANSPORTER series has been popular enough to spawn three original movies and now what appears to be a set of reboots (refuels?), the movies were never dense in hot women to choose from. You decided to crown Qi Shu the winner (and now all of those readily available nudes of her make sense, seeing as how I was informed she used to be an adult film star) and I can't argue with that. What I can argue with is the strange magnetism that Jason Sudeikis has for pulling hot women into his orbit. I like funny dudes (heck, I find  Tosh attractive, even through his vitriol) but I cannot get the "hunk" appeal of JS. Here are three women who can.

Alison Brie

She's never had a relationship with Sudeikis but Brie is his current on screen love, in this week's release, SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE (hence the premise of this week's column). Brie herself isn't immune to a goofy looking dude with a good sense of humour - she recently became engaged to James' little bro, Dave Franco, after a long courtship that the two have managed to successfully keep on the down low. Which just means that they're probably all super kinky when no one's looking. Which, of course, we're all good with imagining.

January Jones

January Jones has a reputation for being a bit of an awkward ice queen. Either she's pissing people off by not being gracious enough or she's pissing famous people off (Zach Galifianakis or Bobby Flay's soon-to-be-ex-wife, actress Stephanie March) for being unnecessarily friendly. Sudeikis has denied being the father of Jones' son, whom she gave birth two after the couple had broken up. Oh wait. She's also not on Matthew Vaughn's (supermodel Claudia Schiffer) wife's top five list either. It's cold in January...  

Olivia Wilde

Traditionally, it used to only be rock stars who could land women as hot as the ones that Jason has had in his company. If the rumours about chicks digging guys for being funny is true, then Sudeikis must be much funnier in person than he's ever been on screen, to have captured the heart and womb of his baby mama, Olivia Wilde. The two seem happy together and Wilde is one of those hot chicks who also happens to be kinda cool, so who knows? Maybe this dude is something special after all.

Which Sudeikis sweetheart do you find the most appealing: Alison, January or Olivia?

Source: IMDB


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