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BOTB Star Wars Edition: Carrie Fisher vs Daisy Ridley vs Natalie Portman

12.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week surprised me. Not only did IN THE HEART OF THE SEA not perform well enough to take the top spot away from MOCKINGJAY PART 2 at the box office, Natalie Portman barely squeaked out a win over Olivia Wilde in the match-up of Chris Hemsworth's babes. By only one vote. Will she fair better as we head into the madness that is STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS? Let's compare each of the trilogies and their hotties - at the height of their hotness, ya dig? No sniping about age differences.

Carrie Fisher

The thing I liked about Carrie Fisher during her years as the young, svelte, strong Princess Leia was her inability to allow the men in the scenes to run all over her. Up until we saw her in that gold bikini, Leia was a fighter. She dug right into the battles when few movies were allowing their females leads to get their hands dirty. Fisher's husky voice and huge, no-bullshit eyes that could bore a hole into your soul are the defining points for so many cinematic heroines who have come since. I'd say I love her but I think she knows.

Daisy Ridley

I really know nearly nothing about Daisy Ridley, which was a huge factor in her getting cast, I'm sure. She's adorable that I can tell and you all seemed to like her when she was featured earlier this week in the Hot or Not column. As for how she's going to fare with the STAR WARS fangeeks, well, I don't think they honestly mind who is in the movie, just so long as they get a movie that will make amends for any wrongs that may have been wrought the last time Lucas was at the helm. Then again, she might very well be one of the things you're looking forward to about the film.

Natalie Portman

She was only 18-years old when she took on the role of child queen, Amidala, in the first time STAR WARS fans went batshit. I could understand the hype over the new trilogy back then; I stood in line for tickets (granted, only for an hour, not for weeks) in the era right before Fandango and its ilk. Of course my fingers are crossed that the stumbling blocks that Episode One encountered won't make a reappearance, but I guess I'm willing to wait one movie to get to the meatier stuff... which for Nat back then was her belly-baring battle gear.

Which of Thor's babes would you most like to plunder: Elsa, Natalie or Olivia?

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