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BOTB Star Trek Babes: Alice Eve vs Rachel Nichols vs Zoe Saldana

07.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor

If you look at the comments on last week's Battle, you'll see that age don't mean a thing, since most of you picked the more mature, Nigella Lawson as your favorite celebrity foodie. Giada still got a lot of love over at our MovieHotties Facebook page, but I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one creeped out by her oversized mouth. This week we've got new adventures in space with the crew of the Enterprise, so I'm pulling up a couple of the babes from past installments as well as the one feminine fixture from the series for this battle.

Alice Eve

There was a big to-do over the last STAR TREK movie, when the outcry over Eve's doctor being shown in her skivvies distracted from the simple fact that I think just about anyone, no matter their proclivity, would want to see the gorgeous Brit undressed. Yes, we saw less dude flesh and yes, she was a professional who should have been shown more cinematic respect but, opportunities must be capitalized on. I didn't respect Alice any less for the brief scene and it turned her buddy Benedict Cumberbatch into a huge star in the states, so everyone should have been happy.

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols never quite gets the love that she deserves. For a long time now, it feels as if this beautiful, talented woman has been playing small parts for far too long (and no, "Continuum" doesn't count because it's SyFy). We only got to see Kirk sexing up Rachel in the famous green makeup briefly during JJ's first stab at the franchise, which felt like a supreme waste. So I'm picking her up to see how she fares here.

Zoe Saldana

There was a time when I always would have picked Zoe Saldana first. She's lithe, she's wily, she's sharp when pitted against male competition. But she's also gotten super skinny as the years have progressed and her choices in roles haven't had much complexity to them. Sure, it's great to be an A-lister who's always the high paid action hero, but other than hearing her fend off complaints regarding her casting as Nina Simone, Saldana has coasted without much confrontation. I like it when an actor has a role people get sparked up by, and not because of superficial reasons.

Which Star Trek babe would you movie galaxies to be with: Alice, Rachel or Zoe?

Source: IMDB


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