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BOTB Stalker Chicks: Ali Larter vs Katherine Heigl vs Leighton Meester

04.20.2017by: Cherry Liquor

You were all fasted and furiousy-ed out last week, I suppose. I figured that the gals from the speedy car series would have garnered more responses or arguments but it was fairly clear that you loved you some Gal, liked you some Jordana and respected you some Michelle. Unlike the leading lady in UNFORGETTABLE, you were able to be chill and not get too worked up about the battle. What about this week, with all of these hot women whom I doubt anyone would complain about getting stalked by? Let's see, shall we?

Ali Larter

When I started adding up Ali Larter's career, it hasn't been as fleshed out as you might expect. Larter has been a part of some highly memorable scenes in movies that people love, from donning a whipped cream bikini to trying to hook up with Beyonce's man in OBSESSED. No matter if it's the undead or horny football players or death doing the stalking, Larter commands your attention. I still don't think that Bey could have kicked her ass, though.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl definitely looks like the type of woman who would go nuts and boil some bunnies or run over her ex in a parking garage. Not just because of what we know about her from all of those foot-in-mouth interviews she did biting the hand that fed her, but look at those eyes. Those are some mad crazy bitch eyes. Even if she was the nicest person on the planet giving away puppies and blowjobs, she really can't avoid those crazy bitch eyes.

Leighton Meester

One of my guilty pleasures just so happens to be a knockoff of a number of other people's favorite guilty pleasures. A lot of it has to do with the fact that THE ROOMMATE has two hot chicks getting frothy around the mouth over one another's actions, but mostly it's because of Leighton Meester's stone-faced delivery in this SINGLE WHITE FEMALE version of the stalker story. I am rooting for Leighton to make a hottie comeback after her marriage & baby life milestones, as she is one of my favorite underappreciated hotties.

Which stalker chick would you most like lingering outside your bedroom window: Ali, Katherine or Leighton?

Source: IMDB


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