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BOTB Spy Babes: Angelina Jolie vs Diane Kruger vs Priyanka Chopra

02.26.2018by: Cherry Liquor

It's been 2 weeks since we looked over the ladies of BLACK PANTHER, which left most of you panting for Lupita Nyong'o. After watching the movie (and reveling in its record-breaking haul at the box office), I have to say that all of the women of BP have captured all of the love I have to give. This week promises to be a heckuva lot more dismal, with most critics lamenting that Jennifer Lawrence's RED SPARROW isn't the fun spy romp you might have been craving. So here are three spy chicks to distract you from your woes.

Angelina Jolie

While some make the argument that Angie is still as hot now as she was in her youth, I have to disagree. By the time that SALT was released, she was a mama showing off how tough she could still be, even after a domestication and Goodwill Ambassador makeover. I wanted to keep liking her, I really did, but I think it was also the movie that was the turning point for me in my interest in her. I still cringe when I see the Photoshopped images in current shoots that have to add weight to her skeletal frame. But man, she was one of the best, wasn't she?

Diane Kruger

She's not that high up in Tarantino's pantheon of badass babes, considering that her role as the German actress working as a spy in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS was brief and mellow in comparison to the other badass babes he's featured but there has always been something special about Kruger for me that rings a high note beyond her perfect porcelain blonde chick image. Perhaps it's the fact that she stayed with scruffy ol' Josh Jackson for so long. Or that she has no interest in having kids. Whatever it is, I dig it.

Priyanka Chopra

I still haven't gotten around to trying to watch more than one episode of Quantico. I found myself really enjoying Chopra as the villainess in BAYWATCH but there was something too hokey about the one episode of her spy show that caused me to lose interest. It's not that I don't like total major network trash, but it better have Viola Davis in it to convince me to stick with its nonsense. Chopra is hot but I'm waiting for her to have something more appealing on her resume for me.

Which spy babe makes you want to get under covers: Angelina, Diane or Priyanka?


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