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BOTB Sportscasters: Erin Andrews vs Ines Sainz vs Leeann Tweeden

01.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was fairly matched last week in the Battle of the young adults, with 18-year old Chloe Moretz beating out her 18-year old competition, Bella Thorne and Odeya Rush. As this year kicks off, so does the race for sports greatness, with the Superbowl contenders shaping up over the month of January. Since I don't find football players all that attractive, I figured we could instead debate which of these top female sportcasters are hottest. That'll stop the team arguments from starting, right?

Erin Andrews

The first time I sincerely noticed Erin Adrews was during her time on "Dancing with the Stars," when I suspected she was a former "Price is Right" spokesmodel of some sort. Obviously I don't watch a lot of football and her stalking & keyhole nudey pictures were too creepy for me to invest too much energy in (what a horrible dingus whomever it was who did that shit to her). What's probably more impressive about Erin is the charity work she does, from Feeding America to TAPS, which helps provide assistance for the families of fallen members of the military.

Ines Sainz

Don't dismiss Ines Sainz because she's a perky little blonde. Or because she has quite possibly the most amazing ass that you have ever seen. Instead, be impressed that she was the only person Terrell Owens would speak to when he was in media lock-out in 2008. Or that her ass was so impressive, she was photographed as much as Peyton Manning during 2007's Super Bowl media day. She isn't just hot and fit, she's a powerhouse in a jersey.

Leeann Tweeden

There are a billion better pictures of Leeann Tweeden scattered all over the internet because this "UFC Tonight" contributor is a former top Hooters girl of all time, sometimes Playboy model and lingerie hawker. Tweeden has been a sports correspondent for various programs over the years but what I like best about her is the work she does with Rethinking Autism, a foundation that doesn't cater to the concept that autism can be cured and instead focuses on working with instead of against the diagnosis.

Which female sportscaster can hold your mic any time: Erin, Ines or Leeann?

Source: IMDB


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