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BOTB Space Babes: Anne Hathaway vs Liv Tyler vs Sandra Bullock

01.05.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I guess all of us were looking forward to celebrating 2017, since a good number of you were eager to pick your favorite upcoming Marvel woman, making it nearly a three-way tie between Karen Gillan, Marisa Tomei and Jaimie Alexander (5, 5 and 4 votes respectively). I couldn't make a choice myself, since I think all of them are great, but I CAN make the choice to not have a vampire themed Battle this week, opting instead to use the inspiration of HIDDEN FIGURES to craft a space themed matchup this week. Will it be as hard for you to decide on one clear winner this week?

Anne Hathaway

Lean in close. Closer. CLOSER. I have a secret. I've never watched INTERSTELLAR and I don't have any real pressing desire to. I know people thought it was big and amazing and beautiful and all that shit but frankly, after the pretentious nature of some of Nolan's other work (especially after I loved MEMENTO and felt he meandered after that), I just can't bring myself to care about Matthew McConaughey going off into space, even if Anne Hathaway is one of the beautiful women he gets to go with. And while we're on the subject of Anne Hathaway... can I have back the bubbly chick before the overblown need to be an award winning dramatic actress? Never mind, the moment is ruined.

Liv Tyler

OK, so Liv Tyler didn't go into space in ARMAGEDDON but she was fresh and young and dewy during that time and Ben Affleck was pre-JLo and still kinda sweet and sexy in his bumbling little kid in a grown man's body kind of way. I had an ex who loved this big, overblown, ridiculous flick, so I watched it more than I cared to and Liv was always one saving grace for me. Owen Wilson biting it early, well, that was almost as good as him getting decapitated by that fireplace damper in THE HAUNTING.

Sandra Bullock

GRAVITY I have seen. I even liked it, too. I don't know if it was on that award winning level that everyone raised it up to, but I appreciated how hard Sandra Bullock worked to get us to freak the f*ck out and believe that she might succumb to a starry death up in the great beyond. Of course, I also miss the Sandra from back in the '90's, romancing Sly while spouting off incorrect pop culture phrases and smiling like she meant it. If only I could build a space ship that didn't so much time travel (because fashion in the '90's was abysmal) but rather keep celebs in a best-of stasis.

Which space bound babe has you seeing stars: Anne, Liv or Sandra?

Source: IMDB


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