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BOTB Soccer Babes: Amanda Bynes vs Jessica Lucas vs Amanda Crew

04.09.2018by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to Julia Roberts, there still is no love. She lost heartily to the charms of Leslie Mann, who enjoyed a good opening weekend with her new R-rated comedy, BLOCKERS, in the last Battle of the Babes. Kate Winslet still knows how to seduce you, raking in a little bit of love as well. This week we've got another inspirational sports movie on deck in the form of THE MIRACLE SEASON, which is about women's volleyball. Soccer has nothing to do with volleyball, so I should have no reason to be creating a Battle around that sport instead, but I got lost in randomly deciding to rewatch SHE'S THE MAN over the weekend (I still keep trying to understand what y'all see in Channing Tatum) and it reminded me of how much hotness was going on there, so here we are.

Amanda Bynes

Holy shit, Amanda Bynes used to be cute AF, wasn't she? Not only was she one of my favorite young stars when she was coming up, what with her impeccable comedic timing and infectious grin, she was really a cute chick who seemed poised for immense greatness. I believed it all the way up to EASY A. Out of every weird thing that's happened to people in the industry, it's Amanda's tragic arc that f*cks with me the most. I keep hoping she'll eventually Britney her way out of her mess but it's not looking good.

Jessica Lucas

How is it possible that Jessica Lucas can be kicking so much ass on Gotham and she doesn't get the front page coverage that she deserves? Jessica is stacked better than pancakes at IHOP, comes off smooth & savvy in roles and is beyond the definition of Hollywood Hot. Other than a recent photoshoot with Complex magazine (which I can't find without the stupid f*cking Getty watermark on), Jess is mostly off the radar, which is baffling.

Amanda Crew

After digging her so much in SEX DRIVE, it's a bit of a bummer that she doesn't get more to do on Silicon Valley, since her dry delivery and big doe-eyed expressions make me sit up and pay attention (and I have a very short.....squirrel). In fact, it's surprising that Crew's main job is on the HBO series, with only a smattering of other low-profile projects. Someone needs to get wise to what they're missing out on.

Which SHE'S THE MAN alum would you like to get studs up with: Bynes, Lucas or Crew?

Source: IMDB


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