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BOTB Sidekick Babes: Anna Kendrick vs Hailee Steinfeld vs Selena Gomez

10.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor

There wasn't a huge amount of feedback in last weeks' battle of the actresses from THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, although you all seem torn between Emily Blunt and Haley Bennett for the most part (poor Rebecca Ferguson). This week I reall ystruggled to come up with something that could be based around one of the movies getting released this week but honestly none of those flicks appeal to me in the slightest, other than one of the stars of THE ACCOUNTANT. So I figured I would very loosely cobble together young female sidekick characters who jump into an older dude's action business. Not quite sidekicks but a good mix, from what I could manage.

Anna Kendrick

If you google "Anna Kendrick Funny," the images that pop up are mainly screen grabs of her various off-the-cuff hilarious tweets and the occasional picture of her making a silly face on a late night talk show. This is what I love the most about Kendrick, the fact that while she's also going to be known for being beautiful and a talented actress and singer, what people are most drawn to is her charismatic personality and quippy little brain. Brains are sexy, yes they are.

Selena Gomez

The Ethan Hawke movie GETAWAY (not to be confused with the Baldwin-Basinger movie, THE GETAWAY) is apparently pretty bad. I haven't seen it yet, I just know that Selena goes for a ride with Hawke and that's enough for me this late in the column building game. Frankly, I don't understand why there are people who don't like Gomez in terms of what she can do as an actress - while imperfect like any normal being, her raspy speaking voice always draws me in because I never would have suspected that sound to come out of that little girl face. She gets the job done like the pro that she is, even if she isn't everyone's cup of thespian tea.

Hailee Steinfeld

In yet another movie that I have yet to watch, Hailee Steinfeld appears in 3 DAYS TO KILL as Kevin Costner's daughter, from what I was able to glean from the trailer. She's not riding along side her pops from what I can determine but again, she's a good match for the other two here and if we wanted another thin thread to link them together, Hailee was in PITCH PERFECT 2 with Anna and they were singing and Selena Gomez is a singer and... just give me this one this week.

Which sidekick(ish) babe would you most like to kick it with: Anna, Hailee or Selena?

Source: IMDB


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