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BOTB Shakespeare's Ladies: Amy Acker vs Bryce Dallas Howard vs Julia Stiles

12.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I suspected that VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN was going to bomb at the box office when earlier in the year I received three separate invitations to see advanced screening of the movie, a sure-fire indicator that the studio believe in the movie about as much as a 13-year old still believes in Santa. I was also correct in my assumptions that Kate Beckinsale would win last week's battle of the Frankenstein babes. No huge shocker, she'll probably be 80 by the time she drops off the fanboy radar. This week in limited release, those who love the Fassbender will be seeking out MACBETH because it's certain he'll be awesome in it. Here are three babes who have been awesome in Shakespearean films over the years.

Amy Acker

The same year that Joss Whedon tackled the Marvel universe he also quietly dropped his ode to the Bard's universe, tackling a black & white (& delightful) interpretation of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, featuring many of his key players from the variety of TV shows he's done. Amy Acker, so gentle as Fred on "Angel," did a wonderful turn as the cheeky Beatrice, who knows exactly how to handle a man and his interest in her, proving she's one of the most underutilized talents today.

Bryce Dallas Howard

We couldn't have a Shakespearean battle without including one of Kenneth Branagh's (who also mastered a turn at Marvel) interpretations. In 2006, many years after he first wowed movie connoisseurs with his powerful HENRY V, Branagh delivered the lighter tale of Bryce Dallas Howard's Rosalind in AS YOU LIKE IT. Bryce is a good fit for the Bard, with her sparkling eyes and perky delivery. And thankfully she didn't have to run from any dinosaurs that time around.

Julia Stiles

You also can't have a Shakespearean battle without including Julia Stiles, who took on a couple reimaginings during her reign as the '90's go-to Bard girl. Whether it was the playful, romantic 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, derived from Taming of the Shrew or the dark, doomed romance of O, derived from Othello, Stiles honed a mean modern day Renaissance woman. I think every dude I grew up with back then had a thing for Stiles.

Which Shakespearean babe do you want to couplet with: Amy, Bryce or Julia?

Source: IMDB


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