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BOTB Sarah Connors: Linda Hamilton vs Lena Headey vs Emilia Clarke

07.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week I was whining about the popularity of all things Seth MacFarlane aside from, of course, the beautiful women he gets to work with. For all of you, Amanda Seyfried was the most beautiful of the bunch, surprising to me since I figured Mila Kunis would have had it wrapped up (and it's nice to know I'm not the only big fan of Sanaa Lathan). This week I could whine about the cheesy looking latest installment in the TERMINATOR franchise but how about we discuss the ladies of the series instead?

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton is a woman built for the 1980's. Her features are strong, including that "man jaw" that many complain about nowadays that was eaten up back in the day. The transformation she went through from the first TERMINATOR to the second was astonishing, so much so that no one has forgotten it since. A feat in our society of insanely short attention spans. While Linda is not everyone's cup of tea, I've always thought she was super sexy.

Lena Headey

When they tried to adapt the movie series into a television show, the people behind "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" got a couple of things right in casting Summer Glau as the sleek teenage cyborg and Lena Headey (pre-GoT badassedness) as the titular heroine. (They also got one thing horribly wrong by casting the cringingly horrible Thomas Dekker as John Connor.) Headey has a knack for portraying tough mothers, making you both despise them and desire them simultaneously.

Emilia Clarke

I have already heard the early reviews regarding Clarke sucking the life out of the scenes she's in with this new TERMINATOR: GENISYS. I happen to think she's a little beacon of light whenever she's around. Then again, I haven't seen the movie yet. My opinion may easily change. Still, Emiliar is pretty hard to resist (and stop trying to resist Jai Courtney - if I have to tolerate Channing Tatum in every other f*cking movie getting released these days, I'll pay top dollar to keep Courtney employed as my revenge).

Which Sarah Connor would you most want to save the world with: Linda, Lena or Emilia?

Source: IMDB


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