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BOTB Russian Hotties: Anna Kournikova vs Bar Paly vs Irina Shayk

04.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I am so glad that I wasn't the only one who has love for Clare Kramer, who easily won the majority of the votes from last week's cowgirl battle. I don't always tend to share similar opinions with the masses but that's one I don't mind. It's easy to share the opinion that Tom Hardy is one of the greatest actors of his time, although it still might not save him from turning in a believable Russian accent for CHILD 44. Luckily, these three born-in-Russia babes are easy to manipulate with on the tongue.

Anna Kournikova

She may have been a mediocre tennis player and she might have questionable taste in men but Anna Kournikova is one of the few current tennis players most non-fans recognize by name for good reason. She's utterly gorgeous and has a sensational body. What more could you ask for the powers behind the Iron Curtain to offer us?

Bar Paly

Born in Russia and later raised in Israel, Bar Paly has been turning in an impressive modeling portfolio and modest acting resume over the years. Her mile-high club commercials for Carl's Jr also showed that she could deliver some straight woman funniness. Who wouldn't want to get a little messy with this... devooshka? (Yes, I can say "girl" in Russian but I lack the skill to use their alphabet to type that out.)

Irina Shayk

Born in Emanzhelinsk, Irina has been modeling since she was a teenager, as most models do. She recently made her acting debut in last summer's box office bomb HERCULES and is pretty well known in her role as girlfriend to Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer for Real Madrid. Leggy, gorgeous and charitable too - Shayk donates her time and money to local Russian pediatric wards.

Which Russian would you not say nyet to: Anna, Bar or Irina?

Source: IMDB


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